Salvador Dalí

Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, 1st Marquis of Dalí de Púbol, what a mouthful and what an Artist, most knew him as Salvador Dalí. Dali is best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work.
Dalis best-known work The Persistence of Memory was completed in August 1931, since 1934 the painting has been in the collection of the Museum  of Modern Art in New York City, it is widely recognised and frequently referenced in popular culture and sometimes referred to by more descriptive titles, such as “Melting Clocks”, “The Soft Watches” or “The Melting Watches”.


Dalí’s expansive artistic skills included film, sculpture, and photography, at times in collaboration with a range of artists in a variety of media.
Dalí was highly imaginative, and also enjoyed indulging in unusual and grandiose behavior. To the dismay of those who held his work in high regard, and to the irritation of his critics, his eccentric manner and attention-grabbing public actions sometimes drew more attention than his artwork.

Check out Salvador Dali, you will be amazed / confused and entertained with everything he did.